Stem Cell Therapy

Your Cells for Your Healing

What is a stem cell?

Stem cells are unspecialized cells that can renew themselves and turn into other types of cells. They develop into different tissues and organs in a developing baby.  Adults also have stem cells in tissues and they are ready to repair damage as it happens.

The problem with a big injury and with aging, is that not enough stem cells can get to the site to fully repair the injury. 

How are stem cells used for medical treatment?

There are many types of Adult Stem Cells.  Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC) have been well researched to help with tissue repair.  MSC’s are most often harvested from bone marrow or from stem-cell-researchfat via needle aspiration or liposuction.  The aspirate is enriched for stem cells and then injected into the site of injury.

The San Diego Center for Regenerative Medicine uses advanced, FDA compliant techniques to harvest a patient’s own adult stem cells for treating a variety of degenerative and inflammatory conditions. This level of treatment may be more powerful than platelet rich plasma (PRP) as the implanted cells can replace damaged tissue and provide long term anti-inflammatory effects.

What can I expect after stem cell therapy?

Recovery is minimal (days) compared with surgery and rehabilitation.  Pain medication is not typically needed.  While improvement can be immediate, most of the healing takes place over weeks to months with decreased pain, improved sensation, improved strength, and improved range of motion.

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Frequently asked questions about Stem Cell Therapy

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