Tattoo Removal


“I wish I had found this place sooner!!  I had previously had 17 treatments with traditional laser tattoo removal and the blue and green inks were not coming off.  Not only that, by this time I had significant scarring on the skin surrounding my tattoo.  Nurse Nancy and Dr. Miller are fantastic.  The best part – it s absolutely amazing how much my tattoo lightened after just one treatment.    After so many failed treatments prior to coming here I though my tattoo would never come off.  And the healing time is so much better than my previous experience – little to no discomfort.  But wait, it gets even better –  as a bonus my scarring has improved so much – seriously it is almost gone.   If you want your tattoos removed, don’t waste your time and money going anywhere else.”  Francesca W.

“I knew that I needed the PicoSure laser for my tattoo removal and visited three different places in the San Diego area that have this laser for a consultation.  I ended up going with Dr. Miller and I am very pleased with my experience so far.  Scheduling with Nancy has been easy and she is always available for questions even outside of business hours.  I’ve had two treatments so far and didn’t have blisters or any significant side effects to note – just GREAT results with the removal.  There weren’t many reviews on tattoo removal for this place when I started my treatment so I wanted to make sure those of you looking for tattoo removal don’t pass this one by – go in for the free consultation as you consider your options.  You’ll be happy that you did.” -Katie W.

“I never believed i could get the help i needed for a very troubled grandson who had tattooed his face. It would be impossible for him to move forward, i.e., get a job, be accepted or taken seriously. He suffers from depression. Dr. Miller took it upon himself after i inquired about getting these tattoos removed. They offered to help my grandson and have given him a second chance in life. They have done the most awesome work ever and i cannot say enough about this place and Dr. Miller. I give this 10 stars if that were possible. Above and beyond care. no match”  – Michelle J.