Stem Cell Therapy & PRP for KNEE


I am a Professional Stunt Woman, Dancer , ex competitive Gymnast, and Ex competitive springboard Diver. My whole life I’ve been very active, competitively as well as leisurely, doing high adrenaline sports like skateboarding and snowboarding, and flipping on concrete.  I had a ACL reconstructive knee surgery back in 1995, which I found out failed through three visits to three different doctors in 2013. I had an arthroscopic surgery in august 2013 to clean out scar tissue. I have had major arthritis from years of physical activity and was told I could not get another reconstructive surgery or ACL replacement . Since I had already functioned many years with no ACL, I looked in to Stem Cell therapy.  Dr. Miller did some PRP plasma injections to prep my knee for stem cell surgery. The process was well administered , safe and clean, with No problems. I was on crutches for a couple of weeks, and began swimming . It’s been 7 months and my knee is SIGNIFICANTLY better now, less pain , and I am able to move around had have more flexibility . Dr. Miller  was very informative , professional and friendly, and explained everything and answered my questions .  My body is my livelihood and I have used it in a rigorous way, I feel this is the first time in a long time my knee feels more flexible and strong . I do recommend stem cell therapy for people with knee arthritis.  -Pei Pei Yuan

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