Occipital Headaches


After 12 years of suffering with terrible Occipital Headaches, and neck pain splitting behind my eyes, I was spending 50% of my life in bed. After what seemed like a lifetime of taking pills ,which made me sick as a dog, going to different Doctors and Pain Specialists, and having 6 more surgeries, all of these failed to get me relief from my prison of pain.

The last visit with the Neurology group was hard to take. They told me there was no more use for invasive procedures. It was hard to go home knowing that I might have to live with this amount of pain for the rest of my life.

My family Doctor called me into his office about 6 months later to share information. He found a Medical Facility called SYNERGY PAIN SPECIALISTS headed by Dr. Jason Miller. Doctor Miller is working on creating new science to treat nerve damage. I decided to make an appointment.

Dr. Miller showed me a new super laser he was working with. Dr. Miller did come up with the idea of using a special kind of lens to put on the laser. There would be no side effects.

About a week after the first treatment I started to notice some improvement. We did it again and I got a lot of relief from the pain. For the first time in 10 years I was starting to feel much better. We waited 4 weeks and did it one more time. Not 100%, but good enough to get me completely off oxycodone so far.

I still have some areas to work on but this is a Huge Success. I am sure this will work on many sufferers of Occipital Neuralgia. Give it a try. – Robert K.