Painful Neuropathy


I have lived with chronic pain since 05/ 2003, my diagnosis is neuropathy which is nerve damage that caused extreme pain from my ankles to my hips on both legs.  It was very painful to walk or sit and especially for anyone to touch my legs.

I have had two spinal cord implants to help control my pain. Each year I would have the maximum allowed Epidural shots. I have tried pain patches and many differenent types of narcotics, to many of which I was allergic.

In Oct. 2013 Dr. Miller told my husband and me of a medical treatment I might want to try.  He explained everything and asked if I was interested.  This was a Blood Cell Platlet treatment, using my own blood to harvest the healthy Groth Cells, that would be used to help heal my body.

My procedure was done early in the morning, and by 4:00 that afternoon while resting at home, I felt something different in my legs.  I reached down to touch them and started to cry.  I could touch my legs with almost no pain at all.  I called Dr. Miller’s office to share this amazing experience.  As time went on, I was able to walk better and be almost pain free.  No more power wheel chairs for me!

Dr. Miller will take the time to listen to your problems and discuss options that are best for you.  He is not a Dr. that only gives you 10 to 15 minutes for your appointment.  When he is with you, you are his priority.  He stays on top of the latest medical has to offer.  He also has a wonderful caring staff that is also very informed.  Dr. Miller has earned my loyalty for life. – Beverly M.