SDCRM Medical Services Organization

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The San Diego Center for Regenerative Medicine (SDCRM) is a Medical Services Organization with the goal of improving patient care and providing a fulfilling environment for physicians to practice.  SDCRM seeks to be the premiere venue to restore wellness.  This starts with doctors, not technologies.  Advanced or powerful therapies are useless without accurate diagnoses and optimal therapeutic technique.

Regenerative Medicine requires a unique approach that goes beyond typical insurance-based private practice.  Managing a practice can be a full time job.  SDCRM provides practice management and administrative services to physicians so they can focus on the clinical aspects of their practice.

SDCRM offers a full suite of services to efficiently and effectively serve your practice needs, from concierge high-level office based practice to surgical services.  Services include interventional imaging, lab and access to proprietary technology.  The Center also provides members improved access to R&D opportunities, operational efficiencies, negotiation and purchasing power.

Available Services are listed below:

Management and Administrative Services

  • Day-to-day operational management of the Practice Site
  • Quality assurance, risk management, peer review, and utilization review regarding practice
  • Information technology (IT) services
  • Educating physicians and patients regarding equipment
  • Contracting and Human Resources
  • Procuring licenses, permits, supplier numbers, accreditations
  • Maintaining Financial Records on behalf of Company
  • Concierge Services

Billing and Collections Services

  • Coding
  • Preparing bills (i.e., for patients or insurance)
  • Collecting deductibles and co-payments
  • Preparing reports on collections
  • Negotiating 3rd-party payor agreements

Providing Personnel

  • Providing support (administrative) personnel
  • Providing technical personnel to operate equipment
  • Providing or Procuring Equipment & Supplies

Marketing Services

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