Cinnamon is one of my favorite spices.  If you are like me, it probably conjures up thoughts of sweets like cinnamon rolls and pumpkin pie.  While I mostly don’t eat stuff like that anymore,  I still use a good amount of cinnamon today.  It can be used in your coffee, chocolates, and other desserts.  Sprinkle … More Cinnamon

Artificial Sweetener Paradox

In the quest to lower carbohydrate consumption, some people use sugar substitutes.  Artificial sweeteners are marketed as a free pass for consumption.  However they are not free. Unfortunately your health will pay a price the more you consume. Whether looking at Saccharin, sucralose, or aspartame the data doesn’t look good. More is known about aspartame (e.g. the little blue … More Artificial Sweetener Paradox

Sugar Rust = A.G.E.

Simple carbohydrates (sugars) tend to be very reactive and stick to lots of stuff including all of your cellular structures. Once the sugar reacts with a molecule, these modified proteins and fats are termed advanced glycation end-products (or AGE). AGE are toxic by-products of metabolism, but are also also acquired from high-temperature processed foods. … More Sugar Rust = A.G.E.