Welcome to a new voice – Matthew Pieratt

Our mission is to provide information on nutrition and how it impacts health and wellness.  We are excited to welcome a new voice on this blog.  Matthew Pieratt has presented on important nutrition topics to wellness clinics and we are honored to have him join us as an author.  He has great information and recipes to share!

Matthew Pieratt was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease in 2004, shortly after finishing college. Like most students, his diet consisted of fast food and caffeine.  When he was told his condition had nothing to do with food choices and that medication or surgery were the only viable options, he became determined to understand how diet and lifestyle impacted his health. Since then he has been on a mission to apply nutritional principles to combat his condition and help others along the way.

Look forward to having exciting new posts to come!

To your health!

Jason Miller, M.D.


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